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Peace and love friends, thank you for coming here and putting your trust in me. Due to appointments and life, please give me at least 24-72 hours to reply; I will respond by text.

If you are interested in booking your tattoo session with me


- I specialize in realism, portraits and 3D designs. I will not fix other artists work.

-Please view my portfolio on this site or social media to get familiar of my style. (I PREFER TO NOT DO SCRIPT)

-Consultations are required to discuss project ideas, take measurements and secure your appointment date. 

-Tattoo designs are custom and will require time, all tattoos designs will be started within a week of your appointment- please be patient with me and allow creative freedom.

-Larger designs are preferred however if you would desire a smaller tattoo, be aware that some details may have to be sacrificed. The same rates still apply no matter the size.

Art of Emari D

Private studio is located in San Antonio TX


Just to make life easier, my current flat rates for full days and half days are...

$750- Full day [up to 10 hours]

$450 - Half day [up to 5 hours]

$100- Minimum [hourly rate]


*Pricing for appointments out of town may vary

I require a deposit of $100 which gets applied toward your tattoo and is required to lock in your appointment date.

The deposit will be credited to the end of your tattoo. For instance if your project takes 2 full days, the $100 will be credited at the 2nd appointment.

Deposits are NON- REFUNDABLE however I understand life happens and I will be open to reschedule your appointment within a 72 hours notice or another deposit will be needed to secure a new appointment.

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What if you don't finish the tattoo at the appointment?

It is possible that you will need multiple sessions depending on the design and how long of a session you book. I will do my best to estimate the amount of sessions at the initial consultation.

What if I want a small tattoo that wont take 4 hours?

I do tattoos of all sizes although I prefer to work on larger scale pieces, either way the flat rate remains the same. 

*Minimum 5 inches 

Do you do coverups?

Yes, pretty much anything is possible however creative freedom is necessary  to make the design work. Check out my portfolio or social media to see my cover-ups.

Do I need to book a consultation?

Yes, an in-person consultation is required however if you are out-of-town we may be able to do a virtual consultation.

Will you tattoo a design I found online?

No, I do custom work in my own style. We could use the image as a reference but the design would be reimagined.