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Emari Donahue, Tattoo Artist, Illustrator, Painter


Emari is a self taught artist, born on the south side of Chicago. From oil painting, digital sculpting to tattooing, he has over several years of experience and is well rounded in multiple mediums.

As a child he can vividly remember riding the metro and L trains completely amazed by the beautiful art that covered the high rise city walls and underground tunnels. This led to his artistic path as a young teen being heavily influenced by the Hip Hop and Graffiti Culture.  Onto spray painting city walls to train yards, he slowly built a passionate interest in tattooing. In late 2009 while attending school, he pursued tattooing only as a hobby.

In 2013 Emari decided to pursue his artist dreams full time and has had the pleasure of learning from and working with amazing artists in the United States. He is currently residing in San Antonio, Texas, tucked away in his own private studio.

As of now Emari is known for his bold colors, unique surrealism and geometric art work.

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